Erectile Dysfunction Essay

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Erectile Dysfunction often called impotency is when a man finds it difficult to obtain or sustain an erection. This disorder effects one in ten men on a long term level. Most men suffers from it time to time due to being drunk, tired, or not just feeling like having sex at the time. On a long term basis it affects sleeping habits, love life, and emotions. Edwin told of his erectile dysfunction due to his prostate cancer surgery. He stated he was mentally prepared but he was still devastated about it. He stated that even if you are embarrassed there is hope out there you just have to seek help for the disorder. In order to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction one must cut back on drinking, stop smoking, staying away from …show more content…
For as long as Jazz could talk she identified herself as a girl. She asked her mom when she was only two years of age when the fairy was going to come and change her sex organ from penis to vagina. At the age of three a doctor informed the Jennings to seek professional help for Jazz after noticing all the symptoms of gender identity disorder. The couple took Jazz to Dr. Marilyn Voltka who made the diagnosis. Dr. Voltka states that she was led to believe Jazz had gender identity disorder through conversation when she mistakenly called Jazz a he and she corrected him saying he was a girl; and also using to dolls one being a boy and one being a girl of which Jazz said he was the boy but he wanted to be the girl. There are only theories as to why children suffer from the disorder. (Jazz, 2008 )
Ten year old Riley was born a boy and lives as a female. He was born Richard. Barbara Walters asked Riley if someone approached her and asked if she was a girl or a boy what would she reply? Riley said girl she has always felt like a girl. Riley thinks of her penis as a birth defect and she see herself having babies later on in life. At two he wanted to dress like his sister and when his parents told him he was a boy he said no he was a girl. They told of an experience when Riley was about two and a half; he had a nail clipper next to his penis he wanted to cut it off stating it did not belong there. Initially
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