Eren's POV: A Short Story

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Eren's POV Armin and i sit in silence as the black car pulls in front of the big LAX airport. I hadn't talked to Armin throughout the whole drive in fear of my tears welling up with tears so as we walk out of the car while paparrizi surronds us i realize ive wasted my last precious time with Armin. Levi, Hanji, and the rest of his team follow behind us as they carry his luggage as bodygaurds lead us through the commotion. As one paparzzi shoves a big microphone in front of Armins face i slap his hand away in ager and pull his forward. I had barely any sleep last night, im letting the love of my life slip away from my graps today im not in a mood to deal with paparzzi lightly. We check in and make our way to the waiting space. Armin immediatly…show more content…
That's half a YEAR! Things can change in half a year, people change." He says as tears spring to his eyes. "We could change." he whispers. "But i don't want us to change." He says, letting one single tear fall down his face. "AISH!" I yell in frustration and pull him towards my body so his face is barried in ym leather jacket. "I dont want our last," i pause to check the time. "15 minutes together crying." I say as i place my head onto of his blue checkered hat. "You know if your gonna cry, im gonna cry. Then we're going to be one pitiful crying messes and then Brad Pitt defiently wont date you then." I joke as Armin looks up laughing. "I guess your right." He says, wiping his tears away. For the remaining time we had together, we ran around the airport playing hide and go seek. It was beyind inappropiate, but the papparizi seemed to eat it up and took countless amounts of Armin and I acting like our usual silly selves. Its just when i was in the middle of catching Armin after i found him hiding bhind a fake plant near the mens restroom when there was an annocument playing over the intercom "Flight 392 to New York City is now boarding.” I place Armin back down to the ground by his waist and grab his…show more content…
"Yeah? I'm going to miss you THIS much," Armin replies, putting his hands further apart while smiling. "I'm going to miss you THIS much," I laugh, kissing his nose. "I'm going to miss you THIS much," Armin says pulling out his phone and snaps a picture of me. "Hey! What was that?" I ask curiously as i look over his shoulder to see what he just did. "For my new phone background. So even when I'm not with you, you'll still be with me." He smiles at me as he sets the silly photo of me with my eyes closed and a wide smile across my face as his lockscreen and a picture of him on my back sporting a wide smile and double peace signs slung over my shoulders as i just look at the camera holding up two pac signs as his home screen. Deciding to b a cliche 2016 couple, I snap a picture of him on my own phone and do the same. Now every morning when i wake up to see the time ill see Armins shining face. I unlock my phone (11/3- Armins birthday) and set my background to the same night when he took the picture on armins phone. xpect in this one his arms are tightly aroun my shoulders cheesing wide while im stnaing there squinting my eyes and srunching uo my face. "I like that. Now you're my background, too," I say happily. "Come on you lovebirds! We dont have time to waste!" Levi yells out agitatedly even though i could have swore i saw some tears in his
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