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Con: Longer Wait Times When health care is extended to everyone, it can be used too often. And with "free" access, a patient may go to the emergency room with the sniffles, causing longer wait times for those who have real emergencies. Access to family doctors and specialists may also be limited due to too many patients and not enough doctors. Read more: The costs that are required for universal health care are an enormous obstacle to overcome before any meaningful policy can be adopted. Most countries that provide universal health care have some kind of tax that is paid by citizens for the cost of the insurance. A tax can also come in the form of a…show more content…
It will be easy to develop a centralized database to be used as a resource for diagnosis and treatment by doctors. As final benefit of the universal healthcare system, people are more likely to participate in preventive medical measures such as yearly physicals, which are often avoided under the current system due to oppressive costs. Con Opponents of the universal healthcare system have several concerns about its implementation. First is the cost. The funding for the new system would most likely come from further taxation or a mandatory premium, which will place a strain on many Americans budgets. Additionally, the federal government does not seemed to be any better equipped to administer a healthcare system then the private sector is. The government will be exposing itself to legal liabilities as they are likely to face malpractice suits. Patient/doctor flexibility will become limited if the government mandates procedures. Finally, with a centralized system, our health records and other pertinent personal information will be administered by the government, leading to the possibility of a likely confidentiality breach. Con The other disadvantage that could result from Universal Healthcare is a lack of availability of care, causing a decrease in access to healthcare for everyone, including those who could afford to pay for it. There could be waiting lists that could prevent people from getting the care they need.

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