Ergogenic Aid: The Fitbit, The Blaze Model

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The ergogenic aid I will be discussing is the Fitbit, the Blaze model in particular since this is the one I currently have. The reason I use a Fitbit is to help me track many aspects of my health, but two of the main features of this model is the step count and the heart rate monitor. This gadget would be considered a mechanical ergogenic aid. The Fitbit helps me know if I am having an un-active day and I need to walk more; it also helps me track my heart rate zones. It shows me if I am in fat burn zone, cardio zone, or peak zone. An alternative to this would be to either get solely a heart rate monitor or another fitness tracker. Other fitness tracker brands include: Jawbone, Misfit, and Garmin. There are many positives to the Fitbit Blaze
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