Ergogenic Aids Essay

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Ergogenic aids are substances or devices that enhance energy production, for use for recovery and provide athletes with a competitive advantage. Numerous ergogenic aids claim to enhance sports performance and are used by amateur and professional athletes. Approximately 50 percent of the general population has reported taking some form of dietary supplements, while 76 to 100 percent of athletes in some sports are reported to use them. Physicians can evaluate these products by examining four factors (method of action, available research, adverse effects, and legality) that will help them counsel patients. Common ergogenic aids include anabolic steroids, which increase muscle mass. These illegal supplements are associated with a number of…show more content…
The participants were divided into four groups: those given a placebo with or without weight training, and those given 600-mg testosterone enanthate with or without weight training. Diet and training times were controlled. Fat-free mass, muscle size and strength increased more than placebo in both groups taking testosterone than in the groups taking placebo. The subjects in the exercise plus testosterone group had a 9 percent increase in mass and 23 percent increase in bench-press strength, compared with 3 percent and 9 percent, respectively, in the subjects in the exercise plus placebo group.6 These doses were comparable with the doses that many athletes who use steroids take. Adverse Effects Anabolic steroids have many adverse effects, most related to the unwanted androgenic effects. Some of the adverse effects are potentially serious and irreversible (Table 2). TABLE 2 Reported Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids Reversible side effects | Sexual effects | | Increased or decreased libido | | Decreased sperm production | | Scrotal pain | | Gynecomastia | | Cutaneous effects | | Acne | | Hirsutism | | Edema | Psychiatric effects | | Euphoria | | Nervousness | | Aggression | | Personality disorders | Other | | Increased tramsaminases | | Nausea | | Increased urination | Serious and irreversible side effects | Hypertension from mineralocorticoid effects | Dysplastic changes in
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