Ergonomics Literature Review Paper

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Employee satisfaction were based on some aspects which is supervision, ergonomics, the safety policies of the workplace, the condition of the workplace , the employee salary and interpersonal relation that exist in the workplace. These results have been helpful for anticipating representative turnover and hierarchical adequacy.
The International Ergonomics Association (IEA, 2017) reported, Ergonomics is the scientific discipline worried about the comprehension of connections among people and other components of a system, and the calling that applies hypothesis, standards, information and techniques to design in order to upgrade human prosperity and general framework performance.
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It is related with the design that will be used by human, which is the facilities human need in a workplace such as the workspace, leisure and sports also health and safety. Ergonomics functions as to help any organization to improve the facilities and working environment to ensure it is less in risk of injury. It is because, the technologies keep changing from time to time and to ensuring the machines is designated for human body requirements, the need of human in the specific time is important. (What is ergonomics?,…show more content…
In industries sector, the employee frequently do extreme task which is lifting, carrying or pushing or pulling the loads and the task is done without any help from anyone. Next, when employee is focusing on a specific task they have to move the body only on one direction for a long period of time and day after day. The assembly line speeds is a problem for an employee because the task must finish according to the time given and the employee must finish it faster and the grip while using the tools or equipment. (Jazani, R. K., & Mousavi, S.
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