Eric Foner Voices Of Freedom Analysis

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After reading through some documents from Eric Foner's Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, Volume 1, Fifth Edition, I found two documentaries that really grabbed my attention. Ones that I can actually say I learned something from them. The first document would be from Giovanni da Verrazano when he encountered Native Americans in 1524 on page 4-8. The second document can be found on page 8-11 which is from Bartolome de las Casas on Spanish treatment of the Indians, from History of the Indies back in 1528. Both these documents brought some attention to me that I did not know. Like how Giovanni da Verrazano gave us the intake of seeing other people on shore. Those people didn’t know who Giovanni and his people were, but yet some of them…show more content…
They gave me bits of information, might have answered some questions but left me with more question then I had in the beginning. For example how were the Spaniards able to make Indians into slaves? I honestly didn’t even know that Indians were worked as slaves, putting them to work to mine for gold. When I think of Indians I can’t remember being told how Indians were put into slavery by the Spaniard. Also the fact that the Indians were able to go home after their slave work was done, that was something new to me that I didn’t know at all before, not only for the Indians but for the slavery part. They are being held as slaves but every once in a while they were able to go home. So were they really slaves? I also learned that they got paid. What slaves would be able to go home and also get paid? Even though their pay was not good at all, they were still getting paid. So the way I would look at it is they worked, yes over worked, and then they got paid, yes under paid. Not really slavery more just crappy work situation. So yes I did learn from this documentary but overall it lead me to have more question and want to go into depth to know when this slavery all
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