Eric Harris

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This is quite sad for a world or any community to wake up to learn that two more unhinged American teenage misfits had snapped after years of bullying at the hands of the "jocks", the sporting overlords of their universe, and gone on a murderous rampage with semi-automatic weapons through their suburban high school. This incidence was quite unbelievable to understand that young men that have future for this nation and that can bring fortunes not only to their society, but to the nation as a whole eliminates innocent lives.
In 1996, Eric Harris made a private website on Online. Harris at first made the site to host gaming levels he and his companion Dylan Klebold made for use in the computer game Doom, basically for companions. On this webpage,
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The slaughter is accounted for as "the deadliest secondary school shooting in US history.
The Reactions of Students, Victims, and/or School Officials in School Violence
Even in one of his scheduled meetings with his psychiatrist, Eric Harris complained of depression, anger and possessing suicidal thoughts. As a result, he was prescribed the anti depressant Zoloft (Greg T., My question is that as he complained of feeling restless and having trouble concentrating; in that close time, and his doctor switched him to Luvox, a similar anti-depressant drug. Were the school authority or his family informed about this development. The need to start fooling around when innocent people have lost their lives in this magnitude should be stopped and the need for our Congress and the law makers to put more pressure on gun control should be the priority. Lives needs to be saved in respective of who we are, where we come from, or whatever that our background might
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Although, the incidence happened 1996 which compared to the violence in schools in recent years cannot be compared with it, but it should be a heads up on how to re-structure out police department and public safety agencies in terms of incident like this. I would have preferred more attention of our law enforcement to be focused of this part since the young kid’s starts and gaining more experience on different things.
Violence Prevention, Reduction, and Elimination Measures to be taken by Law Enforcement and/or School Officials in a Typical School
Taken a drastic action against school shootings in every school in our nation might be difficult, but as a parent and legal practitioner; there are many options out there for us to follow if every organizations and agencies including our school’s authorities work together. In this respect the
School Violence Presentations 3

following action would be useful and important to manage in making sure our schools are violence free, and this
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