Eric Harvey Observation

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Retell: Today’s class gave students to reflect on a recent field trip they had at the Eric Harvey ranch, the students were given the opportunity to learn about Eric Harvey and his family. Mrs. Danckuck had organized an activity with the class which allowed them to reflect on the field trip and their personal experience. The activity she created consisted of four posters around the classroom with different headings like; “What fascinated you most?,” “What questions do you have?,” “What did you accomplish?” And “What are you unsure of ?” Each student was given different coloured post-it’s and was give 10 minutes per poster to ananamousls add their thoughts on sticky notes. After each student had the opportunity to put post-its on every poster…show more content…
As children are still learning they do not have distinct experiences thus far to be able to determine what is wrong, right, impossible and possible. The teachers job is to help them learn this information, even if the child does not know the right questions to ask. Inquiry based learning is how the teacher is expected to teach the new information so they will truly understand the knowledge.In an inquiry, each activity must build the necessary understanding to accomplish the task. Mrs Danchuk was able to develop inquiry based learning with there students by having them to think on a deeper level within a tie frame she is enabling critical thinking in students. In addition, a common goals that educators bring to the classroom, and interdisciplinary instruction and exploration promotes realization of these objectives. My mentor teacher accomplished this by engaging students and helping them to develop knowledge, insights, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and a passion for learning. Mrs. Danchuck also included discipline based learning in the lesson by discussing each stick note and making it relatable to the students, she was able to help students develop a better understanding. In the reading one of the main concepts discussed in discipline based learning describes how students learn and gain more knowledge when they understand the ways
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