Eric Jensen 's Teaching With Poverty Essay

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Educators are perhaps the best super humans out there at this point in age. They constantly have to change and adapt new skills to keep up with new technology, psychological upgrades and environmental traumas that impact students. In Eric Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind provides new techniques future and current educators should use to combat the impact that poverty has on students, mentally, emotionally and physically. Jensen’s text has strengthened my opinions on education as well as added new views towards my future career as a high school educator. Personally Teaching with Poverty in Mind connects with my future as an educator since it focuses on how to handle children in high poverty. Jensen’s book has taught me how students in poverty might think, and their reasoning behind actions. I can now implement the action steps Jensen brings up every chapter. Jensen’s book also affects my present day field assignment since we were assigned to a class at Rawlinson Road Middle school and although it’s been cleared up that they are not a Title one school they are still poverty stricken with over half of their students on free or reduced lunches. The class I am in is an inclusion class and the lowest my host teacher has with all of the students being on reduced/free lunch. Using what I’ve learned from Jensen’s text I know how to approach situations and students who have been through a lot. This text also really connected with my past, even though I did not come from a

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