Eric Peterson (a) and (B)

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Erik Peterson (A & B)
Key Problems
The key problems facing Erik Peterson are his lack of industry knowledge, his lack of clarity on the reporting structure above him and the problems that existed when Peterson first took over the project and the lack of a good plan to start with.
Peterson lacks industry knowledge and does not have adequate backup in his own team with sufficient knowledge of starting up a new cellular division. Curt Andrews, his chief engineer had poor planning capabilities and lacked the system operating knowledge and expertise to help Peterson out by providing advice or guidance. But Peterson was unable to convince headquarters to do away with Curt. Peterson finally had to end up doing a lot of hand-holding for Curt.
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E.g. when he finds that he and his team lacks industry knowledge, the same should be raised to the senior management and expressed clearly as a risk to the project if not fixed immediately. This is what resulted in him having to back-out of so many decisions including pay-reversals and resistance for so many of his decisions including the termination of the contractor.
Another key underlying issue is a lack of sufficient contact with and reporting to Senior Management. Peterson is doing a pretty good job of managing the day to day management problems. But just keeping the higher management in the loop with regular contact would have helped him get greater authority in making decisions on GMCT. That would have also helped him get his decisions through in case there was resistance from Hardy for flimsy reasons. Peterson should showcase his performance to the Senior Management and be more in touch with the Senior Management (Jenkins et al). His lack of contact with Jenkins after his appointment is a big mistake considering all the problems he is facing with Hardy. Peterson should never have let frustration with Hardy giving him a tough time build up.
In the case of Eric Peterson (B), we learn that Jenkins and Harper would be joining Knight in the meeting with Peterson. This really shows how serious the senior management is about the problems that Peterson is facing. Peterson should clearly demonstrate the changes he 's
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