Eric Schmidt 's Personal Life And Professional Career

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Google’s Former CEO, Eric Schmidt
Jessica R. Kircher
Keiser University

Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO, served in that position from 2001 to 2011. In 2011, Eric decided to step down from chief executive officer and fill the executive chairman seat. I chose to write my research paper on Eric Schmidt because Google is an inspiring company that I look up to as a graphic designer. One of my everyday tasks consists of designing websites for clients and Google plays a huge part in developing my client’s search engine optimization. In this paper, I am going to discuss Eric Schmidt’s personal life and professional career as well as going in depth in regards to his management style and what makes him a successful CEO. Eric Schmidt was recognized for his aspiring management practices. He helped the company grow into the technology leader that it is today.
On the 27th of April, 1955, Schmidt was born. Schmidt had two highly educated parents. His mother had a master’s degree in psychology and he father was a professor of international economics ("Eric Schmidt: Is the Executive," 2012). Schmidt’s father also worked at the U.S. Treasury Department during the Nixon presidency ("Eric Schmidt: Is the Executive," 2012). While in high school, he earned eight varsity letter awards in long-distance running, which goes to show his determination and persistence. At the age of twenty-five, Eric went on to marry his wife Wendy Schmidt, whom he met at the International House

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