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Growing up means more responsibility and more expectations from people around you. Nowadays the expectations we have to one another keeps getting higher. This means that a larger group of people will be having a harder time living up to these expectations. For instance, more children at school will be searching for a way to live up to the expectations. To do this they will have to face challenges that might be too hard, for someone with lack of self-confidence and responsibility this will be a challenge with many failures.
In the short story, “Ernie Breaks” written by Genevieve Scott the main theme is also about expectation and responsibility towards a child. We follow a girl that is troubling with responsibility and cannot carry her expectations. The main character and narrator is the girl called Cara and is at age ten, while the story takes place. Cara just passed fourth grade and the mother wants her and the brother to have a “passing present”, which at the end becomes a turtle. One day Cara enters the brother’s room and she finds herself in an intense situation, where the brother and his friend play around with the turtle Ernie, after this
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We find out that Cara is having trouble in school. For instance, we hear about Cara’s math-lessons, where she nearly makes a candidate for the Special Ed room, which means that she is close to get special treatment because of her acknowledge in this topic. We find out that Cara likes having more responsibility at the start when she says that she wants a puppy. We also see that, when she tries to save the turtle from her brother. Cara is a typical child that is expected to be more than she can handle, this leads to several events, where she tries to be responsible but fails. The failure can be hard for a child, in Cara’s case it makes her lose self-confidence, in the end she does not even care about it anymore, and she has given up, “if it’s Mrs Calorie or Mrs Arsenault, I really don’t

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