Erich Fromm Escape From Freedom Analysis

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Release From The Chains of Own Captivity The chains of captivity are the decisions that clash with our own freedom and keep people captive with no way out. There are cases that need to be understanded to be able to obtain freedom and be released from captivity from themselves or an outside authority which philosopher Erich Fromm explains. Erich Fromm was a Jewish German social psychologist and philosopher, and also a writer notable for his social and political commentary as for his philosophical and psychological underpinnings. In Escape from Freedom one of his important work, Fromm uses the insights of psychoanalysis to analyze the illness of a concurrent civilization as witnessing its willingness to give up their freedom. According to his book, man cannot live with the responsibilities inherent by freedom so humanity will probably turn to a greater power or authority to lessen the constraint. Fromm distinguishes the difference between positive freedom and negative freedom. His philosophy focuses positive freedom being a possession of the capacity to act upon one's free will, as opposed to negative freedom where freedom is interfered by other people or a institution. To confirm Fromm's philosophy there are modern societies that have willingly given up their own freedom to be able to follow and be blinded by the words promised to a whole society by a higher authority. To understand why people would willingly give their freedom first there needs to be

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