Erick Erickson A Psychoanalytical Perspective on human development

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Erickson’s Psychoanalytical Perspective on Human Development Final Project Paper Excelsior Community College Tatiane Boyd 4/19/15 This paper was prepared for PSY 235, Lifespan Development. Abstract The growth and development happening throughout a human’s life have been divided into five broad categories including infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging. However, in accordance with Erick Erickson, human development happens in eight different psychosocial stages. And that with every single stage, new conflicts arise. Yet, these crises happening in one’s life should be fully resolved before moving on to the next level. Based on Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development, each one of these stages are…show more content…
Yet, before one can move on to the next level, every single conflict happening in one’s life, in that particular stage, should be resolved before moving on to the next level. He emphasized that at each stage, attitudes and skills are acquired making the individual an active, contributing member of society. (Berk, L. 2007) Based on Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development, each one of these stages are crucial in one’s life, building blocks of emotional and social development of human beings. (Parrish, M. 2009). Stage One: Trust vs. Mistrust Erickson’s trust vs. mistrust stage starts from birth, ending at approximately one year of age. The focus is this stage focus on the quality of the relationship between the infant with their mother. (Bornstein, M., & Lerner, R.) Or the relationship with their primary caregivers. In this stage, the main question is “Trust or not to Trust?” Erickson described this stage as a crucial stage in an infant’s life. For instance, when close, warm and responsive care is given to the infant from their mothers, the infant can learn how to trust; (Vaughan, M. D., & Rodriguez, E. M. 2013) However, when the opposite happens, mistrust may happens instead (Berk, L. 2007) In addition, problematic outcomes associated with a negative outcome from this stage may include frustration, lack of confidence, suspicion; more serious issues would involve
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