Erickson: The Stages of Development

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Erickson Stages Erickson thought development was not gradual and and occurred through steps kind of like Freud. His steps were based on biological maturation, important new knowledge, and conflicts. He developed eight steps that focused on the changing of personality and developing your identity. Erickson developments stages differed from Freud's because Erickson focused on social environment and not sexual drives. Erickson believed that each stage in a person life that have to over come a psychosocial crisis and also learn a new skill. The stages took place through out your lifespan (Funder, 1997). Stage one of Erickson development is trust vs. mistrust. This stage happens at 0-18 months. this stage infants develops a sense of…show more content…
Failure in this stage are people who feel a sense of guilt and despair. your not ready to die because you haven't not done everything you wanted to do, you have gained a sense of accomplishment (Funder, 1997). The new hit show awkward on MTV, about a teenage girl thats dealing with high school drama, dating, and parents. The Main character Jenna Hamilton is the odd girl. She only has three friends and they aren't too popular. She goes through a lot of struggles to be accepted but constantly gets bullied by cheerleader. Jenna is also secretly hooking up with the most popular guy in school but key word is secretly (MTV, 2011). Jenna Hamilton is going through stage five of Erickson stages of development. Through out the serious Jenna is struggling to find out who she is. She shows role confusion and want to fit in with everyone in school. Stage five is simply finding your identity and seeing how you will fit in, in the adult world. failure of this stage the adolescent will feel a sense of role confusion and identity crisis. Jenna Hamilton is a clear example of role confusion and identity crisis. Jenna tries different things, like clubs at school to hanging with different cliques. She also tries to be in a relationship but can't because she is confused with her identity and who she really is which ties in to stage six of Erickson stages of development. Jenna also struggles at home with her parents because her mom is young and wants Jenna to be the popular
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