Erickson 's Psychosocial Theory Stages Of Development

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Introduction If we use Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory stages of development, this would place me in the middle adulthood stage of my life. Erickson indicates that this stage is defined as generativity versus stagnation. In this stage, Erickson indicated that adults need to create or nurture things that will outlast us. Erickson stated that we often do this by having children or creating a positive change that benefits other people. I find this to be true as I find myself doing both. As I have gotten older, (and hopefully wiser), I have come to the realization that it’s not all about the myself anymore but about others. Now I have the responsibility of being a father (Erickson’s six stage, Intimacy vs. Isolation) and growing up seeing some of the injustice around me, I also find myself advocating for social justice and equality while modeling what a father should be like to my adult son. Erickson’s Industry vs. Inferiority-(6 to 11 years) So how did I get here you might ask? Let me tell you. I grew up in place called San Ysidro, back then it was a small rural town close to the border with a small population at the time. I was the youngest of four boys; we were a total of eleven people including my five sisters and my parents. My father worked at the Santa Fe railroad for 20 years until he lost his eye sight. By the time I was of school age (Erickson’s fourth stage of development) my father was declared legally blind. My mother was the homemaker and the primary caregiver. My
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