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Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages
Past Self
1. Think of an important event in your childhood. What does this event tell you about yourself in terms of Erikson’s stages? My important event in my childhood is when I won my drums recital at age 7 because I won the competition against 30 other drummers. I think that is the most important event in my childhood because I was able to accomplish something at a very young age and it just brings me joy and all my competitors looked up and idolized me that time. What this event tells me about myself is that you can make everything happen you just have to make that effort to do it

2. Circle what you believe was your resolution at each of the psychosocial stages below and then give a
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Despair Integrity | I choose integrity because I adhere my ethical principles and as well as being whole |

3. What new insight do you have into your own development?

My new insight in my own development is being intimate with the person I love because they give us strength and motivation to keep on going

Present Self
4. What is most important to you in your life right now? What do you value? The most important in my life right now is to try to finish the RT program
I value my family and my partner because they’re the ones that cares for me the most and they are the ones that helps me get back up if I got knocked down and most especially I value myself because someday I want to be successful and return the favor to my family my partner and friends

5. If you are in Erikson’s “Identity vs. Role Confusion” stage:
How are you doing with this struggle? If you have passed that stage, what stage are you in, and how are you doing? Explain. I’m actually doing just fine no struggle at all I’m passed this stage because I know who I am I don’t fake it I have made a name for myself through my friends and family and I am just doing just fine with my life I’m focused with my school I have a nice job at the moment that is making me provide for myself and my family

Future Self
6. What are your fondest
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