Erickson's Theory: Theories Of Identity Development

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Running Head: IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT 1 IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT 2 Identity Development Name Institution Human beings are of varying characters and behaviors throughout the lifespan. In the life an individual, his/her identity plays a crucial role to create a personality that is dependable. Various people such as parents, teachers, religious leaders and family members contribute towards the development of an identity. People in life are identified according to their character and personality. The most crucial part of developing an individual?s identity is during childhood which progresses to adulthood. According to various theories, various factors lead to the development of identity among people. This paper will provide a clear insight of identity development. In Erickson?s theory, he states that identity development is a series of many steps that result in successful and unsuccessful outcomes. Trust and mistrust, for example, are an example of an outcome during my childhood and adolescent. In my tender age as a young child, my parents brought me up in Godly ways, and they could trust my words (Van, …show more content…

He focuses on the importance of mental factors in learning. He believes that human beings are active to process information and think about the relevance of their actions and the consequences. Observational learning cannot take place without cognitive processes (Higgins, & Kruglanski, 2007). In the end, the mental factors intervene to determine if a new response is necessary. In the University, I became a drunkard who could drink alcohol the whole night for no perfect reason, until the night I heard voices commanding me to change. On my way, I came across a man preaching who made me realize that I needed to reform my way of living. I am glad my parents raised me in the teachings and ways of the

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