Erickson's stage of development

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Assignment 1: Discussion In this third module, we are discussing the human socialization process and how it influences our psychosocial development. After you have read the reading assignment and lecture for the module, please respond to all parts of the discussion by Saturday, December 7, 2013: 1. Identify and describe Erikson’s stages of development as each applies to your own personality formation. How did success at one stage prepare you for meeting the next challenge? What do you anticipate for stages you have not yet reached? 2. As you progressed through each stage, how did the agents of socialization change as to their level of influence? For any stages you have not yet reached, which agent(s) do you predict will be the most…show more content…
I struggled with this part of my life. You never know who your true friends are. Girlfriends came and went. I lived to party and didn’t care about serious relationships. I became a father at 21 with my first of four. That did not slow me down at this stage either; I battled addiction and was not very reliable at all. The one who suffered the most was my daughter. So I was not really prepared to move on in life. Stage 7: Middle adulthood—the challenge of making a difference (versus self-absorption). The challenge of middle age is to contribute to the lives of others in the family, at work, and in the larger world. Failing at this, people become self-centered, caught up in their own limited concerns. In this stage I started to see the light but still back peddled at times. I got married to the love of my life, had two beautiful girls with her. Things went well for a while but the old mike reared his ugly head causing mistrust and a lot of heartache and anguish in the house. I could not hold a job. Partying became my life again. I sought help and rekindled the flame with the wife and then BAM, right back to the old ways. I had a son during a brief break up with the wife. This caused more strain and stress. The story could go on and on. I finally got myself right, but it was too late. The people who loved me still loved me but would not trust me
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