Eric's Story Of My First Year Of Teaching Second Grade I Recall

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In my first year of teaching second grade I recall a student that stood out from the rest, which I will rename Eric. Unlike the other students, who were shy and timid the first day, Eric came into the classroom like he was powered by a motor. He was butting in every conversation including those across the room. Eric had a difficult time remaining seated and this behavior was infectious with the other student. He could not seem to control his action. Being a young teacher, I did not know how to address the situation. I believed that this child just needed more discipline in his life. I contacted the parents of the child and they told me similar stories of Eric’s behavior at home. Eric would repeatedly use bad language and seem to get angry over the slightest thing. One such occasion occurred when told that he had to honor his sister’s turn while playing video games; Eric yelled and screamed profanities for hours. His parents did what many of us would have done and grounded him. However Eric’s parents found grounding Eric never seemed to work. Eric did not seem to care about the consequences of his actions. The same was true in school he received many detention slips and warnings from me. No matter how many I wrote they seemed to not change his behavior in any way. Each day he would repeat his poor choices without change.
What I would later discover about Eric and many other students that I have had during the years, is Eric did not know how to…
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