Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Development

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The Psychosocial Development
The View on Erik H. Erikson 's Stages of Development
Frank Phan
Cosumnes River College
Psychology 300

Abstract This paper will touch over the aspects of Erik H Erickson 's eight stages and how they affect everyday lives from infancy to adulthood. The paper will go over the approximate ages and the psychosocial crisis that they will eventually come to. Neglecting a child can lead to a cause of mental negligence in the form of "Arrested Development". Within different cultural backgrounds, this paper will focus on the relationship of the infant and the mother, and the stresses and trauma they may or may not have to discuss about a future development.

The biography of Erik Erikson Who exactly was Erik Erikson? Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was an art teacher who became a psychoanalyst working with a person named, Anna Freud. Erikson was a psychologist known for his psychological theory on human beings. Erikson trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst but believed that social interaction was more important than Sigmund Freud 's psychosexual development. (Pearson 251). The word psych relates to the brain and the thinking into the mind, and the word social relates to the way that the mind racks with those around us in the public. So what is psychosocial really? Psychosocial is defined as the psychological development of the individual in relation to his or her social environment.(Pearson 251) These eight stages (left column going down)
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