Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Human Development

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Erik Erikson is most famously known for his eight stages of human development. As a former student of Freud, Erikson was interested in the going ons of early childhood development and what the outcomes can be. With such an interest came his eight stages, each with a positive outcome and a negative outcome, depending on the environment in which the individual develops. The first five stages are the ones that are dependent a lot on how a parent reacts with their child, considering it covers the first 18 year of life. The first five stages are the ones which will be discussed concerning baby Jude. Jude was born 7 pounds 3 ounces on August 4 2019. At the beginning of his life, Jude will begin to either develop trust or mistrust, the first stage of Erikson’s development. This stage occurs during the first year of life when Jude has needs that he has to rely on his parents for. When Jude cries, he must be cared to to see if he needs feeding, changing, or simply to be held. Should his parents attend to his needs in a timely and consistent manner, Jude will develop trust and begin to take that trust into future relationships and situations, trusting that things will be okay. If Jude is left to cry himself to sleep time and again and doesn’t get the care or attention he needs, Jude will develop mistrust, which will lead to fear in future relationships and endeavors. This first stage is a crucial stage to set up because without this as a foundation, Jude cannot continue to grow in
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