Erik Erikson 's The Field Of Development Psychology

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Development Psychology In the field of development psychology, we have been exposed to plenty of development theorists and idea during this class. One of the theorists, whose theories I found very fascinating was Erik Erikson, especially his eight stages of psychosocial development, from infancy to adulthood. However, as I had to pick a theorist who was not covered in class, I researched the four given theorists to choose from, I chose James E. Marcia. He refined and extended Erikson’s work. His main focus was on adolescence development. The role from childhood to adulthood is very important. According to Erikson’s psychosocial development stage 5 is identity vs. role confusion, during this stage a person is finding their…show more content…
Foreclosure is when an adolescent has not yet explored many careers and doesn’t sense the freedom of choice. They may follow blindly in the path which their parents may have decided for them without them thinking about it too much. I remember when I was younger; my parents wanted me to become a doctor, without knowing anything about being a doctor other then they help people get better. As, my teachers or anything would ask me, what do I want to be when I grow up? I use to tell them I want to be a doctor. Three years ago I went back home to Pakistan, My cousin who is an adolescent, finished high school and he was going to go to college, I asked him, what are you going to major? He replied “I don’t know, my dad did not tell me yet”. I thought it was funny, not realizing I was in his position not too long ago. Identity diffusion is when an adolescent doesn’t have sense of what path to follow. They haven’t explored anything nor made any commitments. They are just living life day by day, not worried that much about the future. For example, when I was emerging from childhood to adolescence, I didn’t pay attention in school. I always thought, I will have more time to get my life together, I am young and I don’t have to worry about my career choice yet. I did not have any commitments or explored anything, I use to just play videogames and relax. I did not felt any purpose in life.
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