Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Development

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The developmental observations of this paper are based upon Erik Erikson’s theory that development is centered on psychosocial development; thus, one’s whole life span is impacted by their social experience. One of the main components of Erickson’s eight-stage theory is the advancement of one’s ego identity, which is one’s sense of self (Feldman, 2011). Erickson believed that the ego identity developed and continuously changed through social interaction and experiences gathered in daily intercommunication with others. Hence, individuals are in a process of constantly changing, which is directly related to one’s experiences and interactions (Feldman). Furthermore, Erickson hypothesized that each stage of development presents new challenges needing resolution. Whether a developmental challenge is helpful or an impediment is determined by each person’s characteristics and his or her social environment, which can help further or hinder the development of identity (Hinkley, 2016). Ultimately, Erickson concluded that the ego identity, or personal identity, provides individuals a conjoined and cohesive sense of self that endures and continues to develop throughout one’s lifespan (Feldman). First Ten Years In reflecting on my early childhood, it was wrought with the issues of parental marital problems, family health issues, and repercussions of a functionally dysfunctional family. At the beginning of my parent’s marriage, they received the news that they would never have
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