Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Psychological Development

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Erik Erikson has been classified as one of the greatest and most influential psychoanalysts of all time. His theory is one of the best known theories of psychological development. Erikson’s theory talks about how personalities develop over different stages of life, compared to Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual stages of life (Sharkey, 1997). One of the greatest reasons why Erikson was interested in psychology was because of things that happened in his early life. Erikson learned a lot from just looking back on his life and I think that if everyone was to look back on their life, they would be able to see all of the 8 stages that Erikson developed in their lives as well. The first stage of Erikson’s theory happens from birth to about 1 year old. This stage is known as what Erikson believed to be the most important stage. In this stage it tests trust vs. mistrust. This means that a baby can tell if they can trust someone from the way they are treated within the first year. Infants are trying to figure out if the world is a safe place to be in this stage. If a baby is well taken care of and receives constant and reliable care they will feel like they can trust. This can affect them in all of their relationships in life. This stage of life will help a child develop the virtue of hope. If an infant is not cared for they will have mistrust in the world that they live in and throughout life they may not have true relationships (Mcload, 2008). I agree with Erikson that this
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