Erik Erikson's Theory Of Psychosocial Development

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Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development suggests that one’s psychological and social development can be categorized into eight distinct stages throughout their lifespan (Karkouti, 2014). Each stage has its own unique crisis that is vital to the gradual growth of one’s psychosocial identity, depending on the outcome (Sokol, 2009). This theory is observed in my life development from ages 0 to 19, which is then analyzed to the psychosocial identity I have developed today.
This age is the stage of trust versus mistrust crisis, whereby one’s basic needs are met by the caregiver reliably helps to develop one’s trust (as cited in Karkouti, 2014). Being the first born in my family, and the first grandchild of my mother’s side, my parents …show more content…

I was a very cheerful and active child who was in a conducive learning environment where teachers were caring and encouraging to every student. I was fascinated by animals and often ask other children to go observe the school’s pet rabbit with me. I had made up a game where we would each pluck a blade of grass from the ground and see which one will the rabbit choose to eat first. I was confident in having initiative and leading others, however, due to my parents work schedule, I was transferred to a different kindergarten in my last year and lived with my cousins who were much older than I was. My cousin used their age as leverage and often dismiss any initiative of mine, it was either me following their unfair rules to play with them or I would be left out. For instance, we would choose our favourite characters in the video game, and everyone else was not allowed to pick those characters to play. Naturally, they chose the strongest and coolest looking ones, leaving me, the youngest, to pick the unpopular leftovers. This led me to develop a sense of guilt and a lack of self-esteem, because I felt that everything I do was wrong or not good enough because my cousins did not like them, so I resorted to follow whatever my cousins

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