Erik Nitsche and the World of Design

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Referring to Erik Nitsche, digital director of the agency Journey Group, Z. Bryan, once said, “Swiss without being Müller-Brockmann. Playful without being Saul Bass. Clean without being Paul Rand. His style is decidedly Nitsche.” Erik Nitsche was born on July 7, 1908 in Lausanne, Switzerland into a family of commercial photographers. Nitsche’s grandfather had been working in China during the late nineteenth century and his father and uncles were well known portrait photographers. This seemed to play a role in influencing Nitsche to pursue an artistic career. In addition to this, a family friend, Paul Klee had further greatly influenced Nitsche at a young age, who wished to be an artist rather than continue the family business. Nitsche initially thought he might study with Klee at the Bauhaus, an art school in Germany that combined crafts and fine arts. It operated from 1919 to 1933.Though after a short stop at the College Classique in Lausanne when he was 18 years old, he decided to attend the Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich, Germany. There he studied with the famous German typographer F.H. Ehmcke who began in the guiding to Nitsche’s successful but quite career. As the years passed, in 1930 he began his professional life. Nitsche went to Cologne, Germany, with Professor Ehmcke where they together designed The International Press Exhibit (Pressa). A year later, Paris opened its doors to many talented artists but Nitsche didn’t feel he fit in because French art at that time

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