Erik Peterson at Biometra: Case Analysis

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Biometra is a small company based in the Boston suburb of Woburn which was recently acquired by Scientific Materials (SciMat), in order to deepen its portfolio in vascular medical devices. Biometra focused chiefly on catheters, or tubes used to drain or inject fluids or to allow access of surgical instruments for medical procedures. The catheter would be the first product ever launched by Biometra and so its success was critical for both the companies.
Erik Peterson was hired as the Product Manager in charge of sales and marketing of Biometra’s catheter, shortly after completing his MBA. Due to sudden resignation of the Vice President of peripheral and vascular devices as well
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Due to the lack of managerial experience, Peterson is not able to multi task and juggle various responsibilities in order to address the current issues. 2) Uncertain organization structure: After Peterson joined Biometra, without any formal communication instead of reporting directly to Jenkins he was assigned to Jeff Hardy, vice president of planning and control for the peripheral vascular division. Hardy had no prior operating experience and was unable to offer Peterson any helpful advice or guidance. Due to lack of effective communication from the leadership, Peterson was not sure whom he would be reporting to which could mean further delays in getting approvals on his decisions. 3) Unsatisfactory Interpersonal relations: Peterson failed to establish pleasant relations with Dr. Scott Green and Karen Cantor both of whose work he challenged and criticized during his orientation in SciMat. There was a possibility that some of his team members (Andrews and Miczek) resented his sudden promotion to General Manager. Peterson was also in the midst of internal conflicts between some of the team members which made it more difficult to concentrate on the final goal of product launch. 4) Inability to build and lead a team: As per the case, there is no fact to suggest that Erik Peterson made efforts to unite his team to achieve a very ambitious goal of launching the catheter in the stated period. He didn’t try
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