Erikson 's Life Span Theory

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Going along with this, Erikson’s Life Span Theory presents a lot of ideas that I agree with when it comes to raising children. Erikson believes that there are eight stages where an individual will face a crisis. The crisis infants will face is trust or mistrust of their caregiver. I believe this goes back to nurture, because if you show your child that you are there for them they should develop trust in you rather than mistrust. The crisis they face during toddlerhood is autonomy or shame and doubt. This stage is where they begin to develop a sense of self and want to start doing things more on their own. When beginning to raise my infant, I hope they display personality similarities to fearless, energetic children. The description of…show more content…
So I believe I will certain restrictions when it comes to their media use at this age. According to our books, a “good” parent for preschooler needs to display affection, nurturance, guidance and discipline, and interaction with the child. In order to actually be a good parent, co-parenting must be effective. I want to be involved in my child’s life, and during their preschool years is of extreme importance to remember they are watching your every mood, so remaining a positive influence is detrimental.
During pre-teens years, I believe that parenting becomes even more difficult. For instance, during this period your child is most likely going through changes and trying to figure out who they are. With this in mind, I feel like it is important to keep an open communication line open with your child especially during this age so they feel comfortable enough to come and discuss worries and problems they may be facing. Media use starts becoming extremely important during this time, so I would feel the need to set up certain regulations and make sure they are enforced. I would not allow my child to have a smart-phone during this time period either. I had to wait until I was thirteen, and I think this is the perfect age. I do not think I would mind if they had a Facebook and Instagram account at this age. However, I would make it a requirement that I was able to have access to their accounts if I felt the need to check it out.
Finally, once your child reaches adolescents the
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