Erikson 's Theory That Changed Our Lives

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Erikson once proposed a theory that at different parts of our lives, we’re in different stages as well. It stated that at a certain age, people will be in a psychosocial dilemma, and after interviewing six different people, his theory is one that turned out to be true. The six people I choose to interview were between the ages of 6 to 67, which is a very broad spectrum, and their stages ranged from early childhood to late adulthood. They were also a few people that are very close to me in relation, and some that were not so close to me. In a way, this helped me tremendously when it came to gauging their answers, and their reactions to the questions I gave to them. Because it gave me a chance to see how these people felt about certain …show more content…

Because when asked, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” She stated that she hopes to be on her way to become a doctor. Even though it would be extremely hard to become a doctor at the age of 22. She is very goal-orientated, and takes pride in all of her accomplishments. Which is why I feel that she is in the industry stage. In another interview, I also interviewed his other niece who is 18. Like before, I haven’t really been around her as much either. But after listening to her answers, I feel as if she is in the adolescence stage, but she is in the role confusion crisis. Because she has no idea who she is at the moment. She is at that point in life,where she wants to find out who she is, but she is having a hard time figuring it out. She has figured out what her personal identity is, but she is having the hardest time when it comes to her social identity I say these things because, when she was asked, “What was do you think your biggest mistake has been? She replied, “Getting into too serious of a relationship at a young age.” She doesn’t know what her role is in the world, and that plays a huge role in why I say she is in the role confusion crisis. In my next interview, the interviewee was someone very close to me Austin Didona, who just turned 20. After talking with him about these questions, I have concluded that he is in the young adulthood stage, which would be intimacy vs. isolation. The reason I

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