Erikson 's View Identity And Role Confusion

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Introduction Unlike previous theoretical framework for human development, Erickson went a step further to include the lifespan following adolescence. These three additional stages include the ages of early adulthood through old age (Robbins, Chatterjee, Canada, 2012).These additional stages follow his ideaology that focuses on the Ego rather than the Id and libidinal drives that Freud emphasized. Each stage continues to require a conflict resolution in order to successfully complete it. The final stage in Erikson 's theory culminates with the acceptance of end life limitations and eventual end of life (Sougstad, 2017). Identity vs. Role Confusion In Erikson’s view identity vs role confusion is perhaps the most important stage of…show more content…
With the changing landscape regarding both gender roles and the advent of extended youth, or "emerging adulthood", this stage of development appears to be undergoing some changes. In regards to Erikson 's stages he postulated that women develop through this stage differently than men as they wait to find a mate. A woman waits to fully embrace her identity as she needs to find someone to fill her "inner space" (Gilligan, C 1983). Whereas men, according to Erickson, embrace their identity before intimacy. Clearly demonstrated in today 's society, many women do not fit this model of thinking and, rather, find their own identity either prior to or without the assistance of a partner. Likewise this thinking fails to take into account the lesbian woman or gay man who do not seek a partner of opposite sex. With the new concept of "emerging adulthood" we are, for perhaps the first time in over a 100 years, seeing a new developmental stage. The luxury of living longer lives had allowed for the introduction of the teen years in the early 1900 's into human development and now a new stage of extended adolescence. Our society today, much as it did 100 years ago, is taking some time to understand this new phase. In fact, as this is a relatively new
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