Erikson's Eigh Life-Span Stages at Stage 2

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This project group, we decided to focus on Erikson’s Eight Life -Span stages which at stage 2, autonomy versus shame and doubt. As we focus on this stage, Erik Erikson usually more focus at “psychological view” of development. Autonomy versus shame and doubt is at stage 2 and it is in early childhood, infancy 1 year until 3 years. This stage is about the development of the greater sense of personal control on the children self. Besides, this stage also the conflict of toddlerhood and it been resolves positively if parent provide suitable guidance and appropriate.
The similar life –stage by Freud at 2nd stage which are anal stage, whereas an instinctual energies shift to anal region. Same as Erikson, he study and research that toilet train was important part of this stage. These show children that able to control 1 of body function which is anal stage can make the feeling control and sense of independence. Besides toilet training, children can gain more control over food choices, toy preferences and clothing selection. Therefore, children will feel more confident and sense the responsible towards their self.
Besides, in this 2nd stage of Erikson’s Eight Life –Span stages, children able to grow their sense of control over physical skills also. They able to do and want to try new toy, such bicycle, eat by own either by hand and holding utensils. Other than that, children also can sense of independence. They also try to put on the cloth on their own hand and choose their shoes.

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