Erikson's Eight Stages Of Development

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Erik Erikson created a model of stages of development. He was influenced by Freud, but also had differing opinions. His model contains eight stages ranging from birth till late adulthood. Erikson emphasized that there is conflict and resolution in each stage, and that the person is always working through this conflict in hopes of resolution. No person will flow through the stages identically, since he provides two ends of a spectrum for each stage there is a lot of room for variation. The first stage Erikson describes is trust versus mistrust, this stage last approximately from birth to about one year. At less than one years old, I was completely reliant on my parents and caretakers. This is why this stage is the conflict between trust and…show more content…
The textbook Invitation to The Life Span defines this stage as: “children either want to undertake many adult-like activities or internalize the limits and prohibitions set by parents. They feel either adventurous or guilty” (Berger, 24). It is the stage of three to six year-olds. This is a time of kids always wanting to do it themselves. If they are always shut down or shamed for making mistakes they will start to feel very guilty, and this may cause them to stop doing themselves and they will lose some of their independence. What I remember about this stage in terms of myself, is always wanting to dress myself. I had a wardrobe full of hand-me-downs from my siblings that I put together in some very interesting combinations. My mother let me do this, and while I might have looked ridiculous some days, I learned how to dress myself and how to make simple decisions for…show more content…
A person entering this stage is about to undergo a very difficult time in their life. There is a lot of growth and exploration, they are trying to figure out who they are as a person. This stage lasts until about age eighteen. Throughout my childhood, I was a dancer. I had lofty dreams about becoming a professional ballet dancer. When I was fourteen, I had an injury that took me out of dance for three months, during this time I discovered that dance was not always going to be part of my life. I then had to redefine who I was as a person, and I went through this discovery period throughout my high school years. It might sound trivial, but it was an important part of defining myself. I am not unique to this situation, many people have to go through this to find out who they are and where they want to go in
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