Erikson's Life Stages

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The two life stages that were observed during the family observation were ‘intimacy vs isolation and industry vs inferiority’ (Green, 2010). According to Erikson Beatrice is currently in the ‘intimacy vs isolation’ as she is aged between 18 and 40 (Green, 2010). This psychosocial theory believes that people pass through stages centred on emotional and social development. This stage forces on forming and developing intimate and loving relationships with others. However, it should be noted that having a sexual relationship does not constitute as intimate because people can be sexually intermit without being committed. Erikson believed overcoming development conflict to achieve psychosocial skills are required in this stage. A person that does not develop a sense for committed relationship will fall in to isolation (Bee, 1994; Berger, 2005; cited in Green 2010).

In relation to Beatrice’s life stage it is evident that she has embarked on a type of relationship which resulted in a child. However she has disclosed that she is no longer in the relationship and Marvin’s father attended the family home to visit his son, and
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Nevertheless, an unpublished study by Levinson (who worked with Erikson) focused on human development and women. Levinson (1996; cited in Green, 2010) study established that females were focused on marriage, family and following the aspirations of their husbands. This study established that females at the age of 30 were more interested in family became more individualistic, whereas women who focused on their career became a family focused. Additionally, criticism regarding Erikson's psychosocial development stages have also indicated that his theory is not applicable to: people that are experience role confusion, it does not accommodate people with disabilities, and individuals that go through challenges and not making the changes within the time
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