Erikson's Psychosocial Stages of Personality

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Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Personality Development Trust vs. Mistrust Trust versus mistrust is Erikson’s first stage in his theory psychosocial development. It is also believed to be the most important. In this stage, infants learn whether or not they can trust the people around them, especially those they’re closest to. It occurs during the first year of life when the infant is completely dependent on its mother/caregiver. Because the infant is utterly helpless during this time, the personality is affected by the degree of love, care and dependability of the parent. If the parent attends to the child’s needs accordingly, is present and responsive, it is rational to believe that he or she will grow up feeling safe and secure…show more content…
I’d say I’m doing pretty well now in adult land making my own decisions, striving towards new goals and even making more appropriate, adult sized deserts. Industriousness vs. Inferiority Industriousness versus inferiority is Erikson’s fourth stage in his theory of psychosocial development. In involves every moment between the ages of six and eleven. It’s during this time in age the child begins developing good school habits and social skills and really begins taking pride in his or her accomplishments. Studying becomes important as well as true bonding. Choices now involve some reasoning and they’ll discover their capabilities when completing more complex tasks. They can now build things, learn things and concentrate on doing so. All of these things result in a sense of industriousness and diligence. How teachers and parents respond to the child’s efforts will really affect how they view themselves in the future. If they are ridiculed, made fun of, or discouraged, it can quite easily lead to feelings of inferiority and disable their drive to become successful. When I was growing up, I really enjoyed writing small stories and reading them to my mother and brother before bed. My mother was fully engaged in my absurd, dramatic stories and it really made me feel good about myself. Now here I am pursuing my dream to become a writer. I think it certainly gave me the push I
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