Erikson's Stages of Development: A 19 Year Old's Case

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The first person I interviewed is a 19 year old Hispanic female high school student. She is very short and meets criteria to be considered a midget. In regards of the Five-Factor Model described in Craig & Dunn 2013, p. 436, this person is emotionally stable with traits associated with high end. Specifically she is relaxed and very extroverted. In terms of openness to experiences, she described herself very imaginative, creative and intellectual. On the last two factors she identified herself as a warm, friendly, organized, and persistent person clearly showing her transitioning from adolescent to the young adult stage. Another trait is her warm and kind presence. This is expressed in the form of volunteerism as she loves helping…show more content…
Both the Hispanic heritage and American culture are highly influencing her, which brings an interesting integration of both value systems. Summary description of person # 2 The second interviewee is I. I am 41 years old which puts me in the middle age range. I am a Costa Rican descendant, weighting 170 lbs. and 5 feet 7 inches tall. I am already showing signs of age in the fashion of white hair in my beard and a few wrinkles on my forehead. In regards to the Five-Factor Model described on Craig & Dunn 2013, p. 436, I am a mix of the 5 factors. I find myself moody and relaxed at times. Some of the factors influencing this mixture are due to stress related to work and life in general. I am an extroverted, assertive, and talkative person who likes to meet new people and help others. I am not very creative yet I am very intellectual in the way I do most of my business in life. I find myself enjoying working on my farm rather than going out with friend or partying As I reflected on Havighurst’s Developmental Tasks as found in (Craig & Dunn 2013, p. 353), I realized that I am working to establish and maintain an adequate standard of living at this point in my life. I have a stable job, with a decent salary, and I own a medium size home set on one acre. I am also in the beginning stages of helping my teenage children to grow towards responsible adulthood. Furthermore,

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