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Erin Allbritton 4/26/17 BIO103 Professor Van Breukelen What makes Valeria, Italy sustainable? Sustainability is an ability to meet current human needs for natural resources without compromising the needs of future generations. I chose Italy for my city and it relates to sustainability because the country has circular/zero waste economy, there’s green growth and jobs provided, air quality, there’s an energy package, and it has been known to have a EU ETS reform. The circular/zero waste economy and energy package in Europe are still being discussed and a lot of people are having problems with coming to an agreement. Many countries including Italy claims the circular/zero waste economy and the energy…show more content…
The housing in this city are small houses such as villas and townhomes with lower square footage, but you are still somewhat close to your neighbors in Valeria. However, the infrastructure in Valeria is known to be energy-efficient and have more modern elements. In this town, we have a poor transportation system that hasn’t met the criteria yet. But we do have the metro which consists of railroad ways and expressways to take citizens to visit other cities in Italy or other countries in Europe. The metro is only a 10-minute walk from Valeria and you can easily get a reasonable price for a metro pass. In Valeria, there are rumors that there are two sustainable/renewable energy sources. But there is only one in Valeria and that is wind power. Wind power saves a lot for Valeria because some areas tend to have wind turbines because it has been known to be an alternative to burning fossil fuels in the city, plus it’s renewable and it is clean. Wind turbines in Valeria only operate on one principle and the wind power energy uses two or three propeller blades around a rotor. But the rotor is connected to the main shaft of the turbine, which causes a generator to spin and conduct electricity. The wind turbines are made and created from a local power plant in Valeria and it helps create kinetic and solar energy. The Wind Power is sustainable because wind turbines are a conversion to kinetic energy and the wind is mechanical power. But the

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