Erin Brockovich Research Paper

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Erin Brockovich, was a mother of an infant and two young children, she was twice divorced. One day she was returning from a job interview she got an accident and she suffered injuries. After that she met consultant lawyer Ed Masry,who claims that he can get her a large settlement, but he loses the case. Sometime later, Erin, who was employed, immediately get job as a file clerk in Ed’s firm. Erin got a new neighbor, his name George, he has a passion for bikes and Erin,s children adore him. But Erin was not satisfied after seeing this because she was very concern about her children. One day, Erin come across while filing a pro bono case against the San Francisco based on PG&E which Ed is handling on the behave of people of Hinkley. When Erin asks Ed if she can investigate this…show more content…
Later, Ed come to see Erin and told that the UCLA professor has examined the paper and tell that chromium can cause cancer in the Jensen family. Ed apologizes to Erin and rehires her with a raise and benefits. Week later, PG&E representative meets with Ed & Erin and inform that the company has made the offer to buy Jensen home, but denies any responsibility for their medical expenses. Ed & Erin go to Hinkley and Erin interview several other families with serious illness. Nine months later Ed & Eric attended a community picnic in Hickley to add more victims to their growing list of 411 plaintiffs. Although PG&E submits a motion to strike the claim, the judge rules in favor of the residents and reprimands PG&E’s lawyers, who later offer Ed and Erin a twenty-million dollar settlement, which they decline. Ed as engaged with new partner, Kurt Potter, who was an expert in toxic cases. Erin got angry when got to know that Ed is involved with new partners. Kurt gives a cheque to Ed to cover all the expenses. Ed presents a cheque of 5000 Dollar and buys her a new car. Now the case has 634
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