Erin Brokovich (2000) Movie Review

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ERIN BROKOVICH (2000) Movie Review The story started when Erin (Julia Roberts), after an unsuccessful interview, got into a car accident. With that incident, she sought help of a lawyer. That’s when he met Ed (Albert Finney). Erin filed a personal injury case against a doctor, but she failed in the case and that left her even broke than before. Add to it her twice-divorced jobless status. She looked for a job and then she ended up as a clerk of her lawyer. While in a firm, she saw these real properties accompanied with medical records. These caught her attention, and made further investigations. One of the evidence she discovered is the main reason for the Hinkley, California residents’ numerous cases of serious illness, the Hexavalent…show more content…
(Article 1161) Why did PG&E loss because accountability? Polluting the underground water supply in Hinkley was a quasi-delict. At first, there was no pre-existing contractual relation between the corporation and the residents when they detected that the hexavalent chromium is already contaminating their water. (Article 1162) It is negligence at first and of course it causes damage. (Article 1172) What causes fraud here in this case is that the corporation lied to the residents, telling them that the chromium that is in their water supply was not harmful but rather beneficial. And to make the residents believe with their alibis, the company provides connived doctors for their medical expenses. (Article 1170) Erin received $2 million as for doing her job, dedicating her time and effort to this case, given by her partner lawyer Ed. This is an example of retroactive effects of suspensive condition. Ed would give just compensation in monetary value the efforts done by Erin if they won the case. (Article 1187) In order to fully budgetized this case, Ed resorted to accept the help of another firm. Erin at first disapproves to this step because she does not want anybody to interfere or use this case which she has gave a lot of sweat but she has no choice since it is already been decided without her consent. Anyway it involves resolutory condition’s effect upon its ulfilment. The firm who helped

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