Erin Jansen's Article: Texting And Creative Screenage

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Once an Emmy Award winner, the notably known writer Robert MacNeil, in his article “English Belongs to Everybody”, sets a high bar for comparison with Erin Jansen’s “Texting and Creative Screenage”, in terms of constructing a credible and persuasive ethos. Using the two argument articles, this essay will compare both authors based on the use of the Aristotelian analysis, the topics of invention, as well as the use of adequate citations, and how they were able to invest these two methods to produce their ethos in academic writing.
With the aid of the topics of invention, Jansen’s article (2010) shows more than one analysis technique which further develops her ethos and promotes good will. An example would be her use of comparison between adults
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For teenagers, however, also known as screenagers, they’ve grown up with this technology…” (2010, p. 39).
The previous example helps the reader grasp Jansen’s idea and what she is aiming for in a simple manner which proves that she has her readers’ interests at heart. Yet another example was her use of rhetorical questions such as: “…and isn’t that something every parent wants to cultivate? Don’t you want your child to express him or herself?” (2010, p. 37). To understand the effectiveness of her rhetorical questions, the same sentences have been produced while removing the device as shown:
“When kids use text messaging, they are communicating and it’s something every parent wants to cultivate since they want their child to express him or herself and communicate more.”
As a result of removing the rhetorical persuasive style, the sense of goodwill and having the readers’ best interests in mind fell drastically. MacNeil also uses examples and comparisons to ensure that his point was thoroughly explained in his article (2010). One example would be his comparison between nowadays’ errors and those made four hundred years ago to justify his claims that they are still the

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