Erin Sullivan Narrative

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One morning, Erin Sullivan awoke in the early hours of the morning like she did every other day. But today was different than the others, because on this particular day her life would be changed forever. As Erin stretched underneath her thick blankets under the gentle wind of the fan above her bed, she felt different. She felt taller, bigger in a sense. Her room still dark, the thin curtains struggling to hold the light at bay, Erin reached for a light switch, although she wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. Erin screeched as the light encompassed the room around her, yelped was more like it. As she shifted her gaze to her hand, she no longer saw her tanned skin, she saw thickly coated black hair. Her fingers morphed together into a paw, her nails grown sharp and menacing over night, curled into claws. Erin ripped off the blankets, exposing her new body to her eyes for the first time. Black hair, long tail, and four legs, Erin was horrified by what she saw. “What is happening to me?” she wondered aloud. Drawing her body into herself she curled up into a ball on her bed, tearing the sheets with her claws in…show more content…
She attempted to get off her bed, but quickly stumbled, unsure how to walk on four legs. However, she quickly gained her confidence after several minutes and was able to walk smoothly. Erin was surprised at how quickly she was becoming acclimated to her new body. But she had another problem; she couldn’t let her parents see her like this, she would have to get out of the house before her parents awoke. Silently, Erin crept out of her room on all fours, careful to skip the third step because she knew it squeaked with pressure. Erin thought she was in the clear, until her dog spotted her and woke up. Barking incessantly, Erin’s dog, Maggie, ran towards her at full speed. But as a panther, Erin was faster, she dashed out of the house with Maggie right on her tail, slamming the door behind her to keep Maggie
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