Erlenmeyer Foils

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Procedure: First, 350 mL of water in a 600-mL beaker was heated up to a boil on a hot plate, While the water was heating, a clean 125-mL Erlenmeyer flask was dried out with a paper towel. Then, a piece of aluminum foil and a rubber band were placed on top of the Erlenmeyer flask. The flask, aluminum foil and rubber band were weighed on the balance. Their mass, in grams, was recorded on a piece of paper. Next. the aluminum foil and the rubber band were taken off of the Erlenmeyer flask. 2 mL of the unknown liquid was poured into the flask. The aluminum foil was placed back on the mouth of the Erlenmeyer flask and loosely folded around its neck to make an aluminum foil cap. The rubber band was used to tightly secure the foil cap in place. Using
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