Ernest Hemingway Abortion Essay

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As the story opens, you meet a couple (age unknown) sitting at a train station somewhere in northern Spain awaiting a train that is heading to Madrid. From the outside looking in, the couple just looks like your ordinary couple waiting for a train, but there is an underlying problem that no one else knows about. At line 42 (Hemingway, p.116) the reader get their first glance at what the potential problem is, when the man says, “It’s really an awfully simple operation” (Hemingway p.116). This leads the reader to believe that this is about abortion, but the story does not tell you that. My argument is, what about the feelings of the girl? Let’s not focus so much on the operation and let us focus in on the feelings of the girl. The girl (Jig)…show more content…
Especially all the things that you have wanted for so long like absinthe” (Hemingway p.115) and he was quick to reply with “Oh, cut it out” (Hemmingway p.115). Instead of trying to have a casual conversation about it, he just cut her off, making her mood even worse. She later states that “They don’t really look like white elephants” (Hemingway p.116), his only reply was “Should we have another drink” (Hemingway p.116). He totally dismissed what she was saying like he did not even care. To me through the whole story the man just seems like he does not care about her feelings and that no matter what he does not want this…show more content…
Bauer, “Forget the Legend and Read the Work: Teaching Two Stories by Ernest Hemingway” rather fascinating. On pages 6 and 7, he author talks about these same things. She states, “The woman perceives the seriousness of the “choice” the man wishes her to make, while the man is either oblivious to its magnitude or willing to pretend it is simple for his own peace of mind” (Bauer p. 6, 7). She goes on to talk about how the woman has more concerns for what the man is asking her to do. In one of the concerns, “the woman, unlike the man, wonders if the baby, which seems to be a white elephant (something burdensome and difficult to get rid of), might turn out to be of significant value” (Bauer p. 7). They would never know what the baby was destined for it they go through with the
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