Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Ernest Hemingway

Who is Ernest Hemingway? Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, an

upper-middle-class suburb of Chicago("Ernest Hemingway"par 4). He was born in the front

bedroom of grandfather Ernest Hall's house at eight o'clock A.M., July 21, 1899. His parents

were Dr. Clarence Edmonds and Grace Hall Hemingway. Ernest was the second child and his

sister, Marcelline, was born eighteen months earlier. He also had two other siblings. Carol

was born July 19, 1911, in the southwest bedroom of Windemere Cottage.

Leicester Clavence Hemingway was born on April 1, 1915. He was soon named the Pest.

Ernest was proud to have a little brother.

In the spring of 1911, Hemingway attended Holmes Grammer
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The English club room

was his favorite spot in the school. There, under a beam ceiling, Ernest discovered the

excitement of literature.

Ernest was one of the shortest boys in the school. Even though the football coach

wouldn't let him try out for the team, he was extemely good at the rifle range. So good, he

could even out shoot most of his classmates despite a weak left eye.

After he graduated from Oak Park High School in 1917 he was given a junior position

on the Kansas City Star, a leading newspaper of the period("Ernest Hemingway" par 3).

Hemingway was married four times. In September 3, 1921, he married Hadley

Richardson. They divorced March 10, 1927. Shortly after in May of 1927, he married his

second wife Pauline Feiffer. This marriage ended November 4, 1940. Only seventeen days

later he got married again! This time to Marth Gellhorn. They divorced December 21, 1945.

Finally, his fourth wife was Mary Welgh. They married March 14, 1946.

Ernest published his first book in 1923. It was called "Three Stories and Ten Poems".

Years later, his final book "The Snows of Kilimano", was published in 1961.

In The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes is both disillusioned and emasculated as a result of

the war and he establishes his own code of behavior because he no longer believes in the

dictutes of society. This is one of many themes in his books.

Although he published many books Ernest didn't persue a
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