Ernest Hemingway and Masculinity Essay

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Ernest Hemingway and Masculinity

Ernest Hemingway, viewed as an American hero of his time, wrote novels that enrich the minds' of his readers, creating a lasting image that goes far beyond the actual content of the story. But while reading Hemingway, I learned that his style was far from complex. Through pre-meditated sentence structure, he creates a rhythm that parallels the action in the story. He wants the sentences themselves to be easy to understand, so the reader can use more energy focusing on the symbolism Hemingway's stories create. He skillfully places symbols and metaphors throughout his novels. In his own writing, Hemingway doesn't explain in detail his metaphors. Rather, he forces the reader to discover the
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He compares sexually ability as a part of the masculine man. By having his main character Jake Barnes impotent, Hemingway depicts a loss of masculinity that is common throughout his novels. He also contrasts men and women who hold onto their masculinity and men who lose it. Through his metaphors Hemingway uses empathy to draw the reader closer to the characters as they feel for their suffering.

War, usually thought of as a masculine fight for glory, is reversed in Hemingway's writings. Instead of men showing their masculinity, he portrays a war that takes away men's masculinity through injuries that deprive them the rest of their lives.

Truly, A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls force the reader to question the need for sacrificing a man's life for a war. Is war worth dying over? The reader should note Robert Jordan's suicide mission in trying to make this decision for himself. Jordan understood that there was little hope of survival, and he cringed at the thought of not getting to live out his life with his new love Maria. But in the end, he takes the "heroes" path and blows up the bridge, which costs him his life.

Not only did Jordan's efforts go in vain, since the bridge was far behind enemy lines and didn't do much damage to the movement of the Fascists, but Jordan's allies, the Spanish Republic, never made the offensive. The tragic death of Jordan leaves the reader wondering,
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