Ernest Hemingway 's The Lost Generation

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Ernest Hemingway was a famous modernist writer during the 20th century. Hemingway was part of what was known as “The Lost Generation” this name arose post-World War 1. The modernist movement was a drastic change in numerous things such as art and literature. Ernest contributed much to this movement with his literary works. World War 1 played a major role in not only modernism, but also Hemingway’s writing. Ernest Miller Hemingway was a modernist writer who took his experiences from World War 1 and turned it into famous works of literature. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21,1899 in Cicero, Illinois, which is now known as Oak Park, Illinois. His parents were Clarence, who was a doctor, and Grace Hemingway, who was a teacher. During his childhood, Hemingway found entertainment in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. In high school, Ernest wrote for his school’s newspaper, his love for writing eventually led him to work as a journalist after his graduation (Ernest Hemingway Bibliography 3). According to his bibliography, Ernest attempted to enlist in the American Army, but because of his poor eyesight, he was rejected (Modernist Portraits Authors: Ernest Hemingway 2). Ernest was eager to fight in the war so he became an ambulance driver for the Italian Army (Ernest Hemingway Bibliography 5). The time Hemingway spent in the war inspired quite a few of his famous novels like, A Farewell to Arms. Hemingway wrote several popular novels and in 1953 he won a
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