Ernest Hemingway 's The Sun Also Rises

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Authors often write to express a certain emotion or to get an important lesson or theme across to the readers. Other authors write to create a picture for others to see as the author sees it. Ernest Hemingway creates The Sun Also Rises to do both jobs. It’s a lot harder to visualize something if there is not enough description, but Hemingway uses the right amount of detail to paint a picture of every lesson he wants to teach. Colors are a very important part of describing how things look, and they can also be used relatively with a strong characteristic of one’s character. Hemingway uses color throughout the novel as a way to characterize important themes. In particular, white symbolizes purity, purple symbolizes adventure, and red is a…show more content…
196). At Princeton, Cohn had been treated like a Jew, and he had always been shy and snooty. The color white also shines through Lady Brett Ashley’s character and Pedro Romero’s character. Brett’s character is revealed to us as “damned-good looking”, but in chapter 4, Barnes sees through the light of the flares her white face and the long line of her neck that is pure. Stephanie LaCava wrote an article on the phrase Hemingway uses to describe such a character like Brett, and how complex and individualistic she is. Later on in the novel though, her purity diminishes and she becomes the purple and the red that Hemingway uses. Pedro Romero becomes engulfed in red once the bull comes into contact with him. Many compare Brett to the bulls that Romero fights within the last 3 chapters. In particular, on page 221 of the novel, “his shirt ripped out from under his sleeve, the white blowing in the wind, and the bull, the red sword hilt tight between his shoulders, his head going down and his legs settling”. The bull has ripped a bit of Romero’s purity away, but not before he puts an end to the bull and it’s power. The color purple is used lightly throughout the novel, but is meaningful enough to symbolize adventure and mystery. Purple is first brought to life in chapter 2 when Jake starts to analyze Robert Cohn’s change after reading the sinister book “The Purple Land”. The Purple Land is the story of a perfect English gentleman and his vivid
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