Ernest Hemingway's Short Answers On Abortion

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The "awfully simple operation" mentioned by the man is an abortion. It is not named because at the time and place the story is set in, abortions were illegal. The man down plays it by saying "it's not really an operation at all." He has this attitude toward it because he wants the girl to have the operation and not be scared. The girl shows that she only wants to do it so the man will be happy by saying "and if I do it you'll be happy..." and "And if I do you'll be happy and things will be like they were and you'll love me?" She has this attitude because she thinks if she doesn't have the abortion the man will leave her.


It is indicated that the man and the girl have traveled together in the past when the girl says "…That's all we
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The girl is sarcastic when she says “Everything tastes of licorice. Especially all the things you’ve waited so long for, like absinthe.”


No. They both seem to not want to openly discuss the abortion and the options they have.


The man is not very sincere when he constantly tells the girl she doesn't have to have the operation of she doesn't want to. He repeats himself - times which makes it makes it seem as though he is trying to convince her that she has the option to choose whatever she wants and he’ll be on her side. But I think if she did choose not to have the abortion the man would leave her.


She is comparing her unborn child to a white elephant because if she was to have the baby and the man left her, the child would be very expensive. It could also be a comparison to the abortion because it is a big and obvious topic that neither one of them wants to discuss.


The railway station is symbolic because it represents the crossroad the man and girl are at with the decision of either having the baby or having an abortion. The tree-less railroad tracks and station represent the death that would come with having an abortion and the hills across the valley represent life that would come with having the
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