Ernest Hemingway's The Bean Trees

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The unnamed city of the story is a bleak place, one that offers little opportunity for growth.
In the story the nameless city is described as a place that does not allow the children to have a proper upbringing because their apartments are “next door… a factory” that produces walking dolls which produce fumes that is harmful and they also release other pollutants which does not give the families a suitable area for them to live on. The building also has a “tarred roof” which the children play in and they neglect the tar even though they can pose a serious threat to their safety. The families in the area are also “crowded into a few rooms” meaning they don’t have the space to strive and the privacy that they need. T.J. has also “moved his
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The fact that the children were thrilled and excited to plant grass because they believed that “it’s pretty” and they could play on it and have sunbathes on it which are the things they’ve always wanted to do however the city prevents them from accomplish these activities.Throughout the story while the children were moving up the dirt onto the rooftop for their garden and the narrator mentions that they “didn’t pay much attention” to them and that the adults “wouldn’t have cared” if they were caught carrying the dirt on top of the rooftop. That shows that the lack of adults initiative to supervise their children is unacceptable because children require the love of their parents to properly develop. The contrast of T.J. and the other children is clearly evident and shows that having a proper childhood could be so important on a child. The environment that the kids live in is very different to the area that T.J. was raised because he “played out in the woods” while the children in the city are “crowded into rooms” and factories.When T.J. was first introduced to the other children he asks the children if “don’t you all have woods around here?” and the children believe that the park is a place where “you can’t do a thing” because the crowded city could not provide the
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